Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wine Judging in San Joaquin, and Pinot Noires in San Francisco

An example of the extreme differences between ...Image via Wikipedia California Central Valley

On Friday (June 26) Lew Perdue and I will be down in the Central Valley of California, judging at the 5th Annual San Joaquin Wine Competition.

This is part of the Valley winegrowers' efforts to make clear that flat, dry, hot lands can produce quality wines -- contrary to the impression everyone (including me) has that you need at least some coolness, preferably fog, at certain times in the growing season if you want depth and character to your wines.

I very much look forward to the Association proving this point to me in the form of many dozens of their best wines. A full report will follow!

The same weekend, I'll be volunteering at the Pinot Days festival at Ft Mason in San Francisco, the annual display of the best efforts of some 200 (!) producers. Yes, folks, it's another 500+-wine tasting opportunity! I'll be roaming the floor Sunday before my shift starts.

Pinot noir grapes in a vineyard in Moldova.Image via Wikipedia

Volunteering for such events gives you added insights into what wines people are talking about, and the mood of the show. Again -- a report will follow In Due Time.

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