Wednesday, March 04, 2009

JC Cellars makes Syrah that tastes like the biggest Zin!

JC Cellars of Oakland, CA specializes in Syrahs -- Jeff Cohen is the winemaker for Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda, CA, an outfit famous as the maker of the biggest Zinfandels of all time, and so Jeff doesn't do Zins at his own outfit (or hardly any) to avoid competing -- but by gum, he proves that Syrah is capable of being not just a light and refreshing red, but as big and fat and dense and heavy as the biggest Zin you've ever uncorked!

At a recent tasting at their Oakland urban winery tasting room, they showed off their newly released A La Cav 2005 Syrah, with 15% petite syrah, listed at $40, and their 2005 Caldwell Vineyard 100% Syrah from Napa, listed at $45.

The A La Cav was excellent, but you could taste that strange bitter note that Petite Syrah often has (to me, anyway).

 The Caldwell was UN-believable -- maybe the biggest, densest, most intense red wine I've ever tasted! If you like a big wine, this will knock you right off your seat! Highly, highly recommended, even at that price! 

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